Though I do love creating things, I try to push back on the urge to always be producing something; one of my favorite ways to do that is by reading. Below are some of the books I’ve read lately.

Books completed per month

I find it interesting to see how the time I spend reading changes over time. Books completed is a very imperfect proxy for time, but at least it's easy to track.
Apr 20241
Mar 20243
Feb 20243
Jan 20243
Dec 20230
Nov 20232
Oct 20233
Sep 20232
Aug 20232
Jul 20231
Jun 20230
May 20233
Apr 20232
Mar 20234
Feb 20232
Jan 20231
Dec 20224
Nov 20222
Oct 20221
Sep 20221
Aug 20223
Jul 20223
Jun 20224
May 20224
Apr 20225
Mar 20224
Feb 20223
Jan 20222
Dec 20210
Nov 20210
Oct 20210
Sep 20211

(Note that the dates below indicate when I finished reading the book, not when it was published. Also, the emoji are a quick way to see how I liked the book.)