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A script to convert LDS General Conferences for e-readers, as well as pre-generated files for past conferences. These are pretty basic EPUBs – the footnotes are removed, images may not show up right, and links aren’t guaranteed to work – but if you just want a table of contents and the text of each talk, they should be good enough.

To download the files for your e-reader, check out the conferences/ directory in the repository. (Conferences are organized by year and month.) Currently, .epub and .mobi files are provided. If you need a different format, try using a tool like Calibre (desktop application that also includes the ebook-convert CLI) or Cloud Convert (online converter) to convert the .epub file to your desired format.

Source code and documentation are available in the Git repository.

Contributions are welcome! You can send questions, bug reports, patches, etc. by email to ~jcc/ Alternatively, you can contribute on GitHub.

[This page was last updated on November 16, 2022.]